Counseling & Diversity (Counseling Diverse Populations) by Devika Dibya Choudhuri

Counseling & Diversity (Counseling Diverse Populations)

Book Title: Counseling & Diversity (Counseling Diverse Populations)

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 0618470360

Author: Devika Dibya Choudhuri

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Devika Dibya Choudhuri with Counseling & Diversity (Counseling Diverse Populations)

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Packed with real-world applications and excerpts from original sources, COUNSELING AND DIVERSITY addresses the three dimensions of multicultural counseling competency (awareness, knowledge and skills) while increasing readers' understanding of oppression and the structures of power. This innovative First Edition addresses the constructs of culture, worldview, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, socioeconomic class, and spirituality and religion as complex dimensions of social and personal identity. In addition, a unique "satellite" series of monographs provide readers with a thorough introduction to issues in counseling with specific populations, including Arab Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino/a Americans, Native Americans, and LGBTQ Americans. Offering complete flexibility, the monographs enable instructors to choose which groups they want to discuss in their course. In this way, COUNSELING AND DIVERSITY equips readers with a historical, sociopolitical, and psychological overview of each aspect of identity that will have resonance in counseling, psychotherapy, and other helping professions, and empowers them with the knowledge and tools to be confident in counseling in a multicultural setting.