Assessment in Early Childhood Education (6th Edition) by Sue C. Wortham

Assessment in Early Childhood Education (6th Edition)

Book Title: Assessment in Early Childhood Education (6th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0132481227

Author: Sue C. Wortham

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Sue C. Wortham with Assessment in Early Childhood Education (6th Edition)

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Written for preschool and primary school teachers involved in preparing for, administering, interpreting, and moving forward with the results of informal and standardized testing, Wortham’s Assessment in Early Childhood Education, Sixth Edition, is one of the most accessible and practical  books available in measurement and evaluation examines both standardized and informal assessment tools from a developmental perspective, focusing entirely on children between birth and age eight.

Key changes to this edition include: a new emphasis on building partnerships with families with the inclusion of a diverse array of parents and families as examples; revised and expanded information on children from diverse cultures and languages and children with disabilities; updated and streamlined figures, examples, and models of assessment are found throughout the text; activities at the end of the chapters provide opportunities for students to apply their own performance activities and demonstrate understanding of chapter content; updated content on the effects of No Child Left Behind; and new information on current trends toward accountability and the impact of high-stakes testing.